Precision Ag & Farm Solutions

Expand your business and improve operational efficiency with scalable Smart Farming solutions leveraging best satellite and weather analytics.

What Geosys Can Do for You


Improve operational efficiency

  • Learn a field’s history even before meeting with a grower
  • Quickly identify a field’s performance throughout the season to know when and where to devote resources
  • Field variability maps show you exactly where to scout

Expand your

  • Support your growers with recommendations based on unbiased, data-driven insights
  • Identify grower needs and new business opportunities
  • Create more frequent touch points in and out of the growing season


  • Make product recommendations based on a crop’s needs
  • Ensure the right input, in the right place in the right amount
  • Closely monitor fields in-season to protect and maximize yield potential

Leading Companies Trust Geosys

Over the last 30 years Geosys has provided solutions to a number of keystone clients and industries including:

See how our technologies and expertise can meet your needs.

Examples of Analytics


NDVI, EVI, LAI and others

Is pure NDVI measured by satellite better than LAI modeled from reflectance to evaluate crop health, yield potential, or nitrogen status of a crop? It depends... so we have them all and apply what makes sense where and when it makes sense.
An accurate field variability maps will help you to sample fields, gain time and statistical representativeness but also informs you on the quality of the production at an early stage.

Change Detection

Are you overwhelmed by too many maps? Having trouble analyzing all the maps on the fields you manage? High-quality analytics-ready data allows us to compute an accurate change detection index and alert you of what you need to look at when it matters.


Yield Trend Benchmarking

Benchmark crops in every field vs past years, average performance and vs. all the comparable fields in your portfolio to know where the yield potential is, and where it needs to be protected: micro-nutrients needed? Fungicide needed?
Also, prioritize field operations according to maturity for optimal quality.

Precision Ag and Farm Solutions

Agriquest® Global Monitoring Tool

Global crop monitoring to inform supply conditions and manage risk

Croptical® Farm Monitoring Tool

Daily decision support tool that monitors and benchmarks fields

Farmsat® Precision Ag Tool

Creates variable-rate application maps to better inform input placement

Geosys API

Seamlessly connect your applications with the highest quality data and analytics

Use Cases


Nathan is the vice president of agronomy with a strong, growing team as he’s been using Croptical® monitoring application to quickly identify how to best meet the needs of his growers. He’s empowered his team to quickly identify the status of their growers’ fields to know where to focus their time and attention – giving greater impact to every visit they make. In-season field variability maps give his team a competitive edge as they know exactly what part of the field needs attention often before there is any sign of trouble visible to the human eye. And by providing the growers with product recommendations that are validated with data, they have gained more trust with their growers. It’s also improved their success rate with prospecting new growers as the historical information gives them insights on a grower’s field before they reach the farm gate.

Input Manufacturer

Heather, the head of research and technology, identified a way to maximize the company’s extensive database of field trials and test plots by working with Geosys to build a fully customized application. By building from the existing Geosys platforms, she was able to quickly develop mapping functionality that couples monitoring tools with precision application maps. When paired with their proprietary data for cross-referencing application recommendations based on historical and in-season performance, she has not only given her sales force a cutting-edge customer support tool but she has empowered their customers to make better decisions in the field.

Competition in the field is only getting fiercer. Having quick, easy access to an unmatched database of insights will keep her company ahead of the curve.

Precision Ag

Gregg is the technical director who found a way to serve more customers with a high quality, standardized service that has proven to deliver a clear return on investment to the growers through Farmsat® mapping application. Finding agronomists with the right skill set to manage nitrogen application map development was a growing challenge, but the tool has empowered his limited resources to industrialize the workflow to save time. In fact, he’s hired more applicators to manage the increase of customers they can service during the critical window of opportunity.

By ensuring the right input, in the right place, in the right amount, his company is providing better service to their customers and improving sustainability practices in the region.

Additional Services

Consulting services to help define strategies for using and maximizing Geosys analytics.

Customization services – from user interface, to dashboards, to custom applications – we help to ensure your business needs are being addressed.

Configuration services to ensure our applications best meet your specific business needs for alerts, benchmarks and more.

API integration support to define the best workflows and strategy for integration with our platforms.