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If you enjoy quickly harnessing the latest technologies and want to put your skills to work in an international, multidisciplinary team – we want to hear from you.

Our core business was built on numerous fields of expertise: Agronomy, satellite imagery, geographic information systems, IT development, sales, marketing, communications, research and innovation, and more.

Whether you are fresh out of college or have years of experience in one of these fields, send your resume or CV to

Open Positions

Geosys calculates ag-analytics based on massive medium and low-resolution satellite imagery and weather data. As a data engineer, you will oversee conception, development, quality, deployment and use in the production of applications processing geospatial data to Analytics Ready Data and analytics computing.

Vender às empresas soluções e analytics desenvolvidos a partir da ciência e tecnologia de satélites para a agricultura. Com suporte de recursos local e global, deve desenvolver relações com prospects, decision makers e influencers, com objetivo de fechar vendas alinhadas com a estratégia central Geosys e o potencial a longo prazo.

Set up cutting-edge solutions based off satellite imagery and weather data for innovative projects needing strong skills in data analysis and machine learning

Sell complex scientific and technological analytics and software to businesses. He/She must have extensive knowledge of the analytics and software being sold and understand the scientific processes that make these products work as well as a strong understanding of the technical and business challenges the customers need to solve.

Develop and execute global plan and regional plans (with local teams) within the marketing communications discipline for the AgFintech, Commodities and Precision Agriculture initiatives

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